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  • 2015

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  • 2016

    Das, S. (2016) “Performance Mantra of the Regional Rural Banks an Evaluation between the Pre-merger and Post-merger Era” Retrieved from Jindal Journal of Business Research, Sage Publication, 3(1&2), Pg. 14-28.

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    Das, S., (2016) Does NPA Prove to be an Alarming Issue for the Development of the Indian Economy? Presented in the MSP National Conference, organized by IIT Madras & IIM Ahmedabad.

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    Sen, S. (2016). “Creating Synergies with all Stakeholders” at East & North East Skill Development Summit, in association with BCC&I, Kolkata.

  • 2017

    Sen S, “Asset Valuation – Development of a Customized Model for Emerging Markets”, Finance India, (upcoming, December, 2017)

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    Sen S, presented at International Conference on Financial Markets “Financial Easing – Insights & Implication for Emerging Markets” at VGSOM organized by IIT Kharagpur, July 7-8, 2017.

    Sen S, attended “Evaluating Emerging Trends in the Indian Banking System” at 9th ICC Banking Summit by Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in association with ICAI, May 19, 2017, BCC&I.

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